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Taj Vaccarella


With my paintings I intend to offer an experience that will uplift an audience.  I want the canvases to look like they came into existence without my help; like prismatic artifacts discovered.  I work like an acupuncturist to clear energetic blockages in the canvas so that the life force can flow freely and healthily.  I consider myself also as a gardener in the process; tending to and clipping and watering to allow each piece to unfold in its own unique way and in its own time. I want the paintings to foster creative thought and inspire others to investigate the mystical realms of nature.  The artworks can be tools to help people widen their visual capacity, slow down, and better see the dramatic and subtle phenomena which surrounds us.



Taj Vaccarella is known for his complex abstract brush technique which dances upon and animates his canvases.  Born in the Catskill mountains of New York state Taj has been painting and drawing since age three. His work spans a wide range of subject matter, including portraits, the seasonal landscape and large vivid abstracts.  Taj studied sculpture and anatomy in the Loire Valley in France and is self taught in his oil technique. Deciding at age sixteen that painting would be his livelihood, Taj has been selling and exhibiting ever since. His paintings live in private and public collections around the world.  Taj does not consider his work outwardly political but says that we are in the midst of a major global renaissance in art, a necessary return to beauty, and he intends to make art for the upliftment of the consciousness. Major stylistic influences include Gustav Klimt, Paul Gauguin, Jean Dubuffet, Mark Rothko and many of the brush painters and calligraphers of ancient Japan and China.

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