Each time brand new / very familiar

The walls feel like they’re crushing inward. With tight fists I pace, again, bite my fingernails till they tear and I taste blood. The urge to smash and destroy is strong. The state of the world and humanity -- how to live with the knowledge of...with endless empathy...sometimes it gets me so bad that I stop painting for a while.

Finally I find myself, with Bach, then Radiohead, playing on the speakers and a blank canvas on the floor before me. The sweet spot. Pressure breaks. I strike with paint and brush, and the promise of a new life is born. In this place I find salvation; wherever this place may be. There, dignity and compassion, and the beauties of life are visible again. Art saves lives. I give thanks. 

With a lot of help and much needed kicks in the ass from my friend Marisa Dobson, I will be making more of the process visible with some overdo forays into social media and blog stuffs. My new website is up. Thanks for stopping by! Special thanks to Mike Benjamin for helping with design and being a great and encouraging friend. 

Love and Light to all of you, facing the challenges and keeping that sparkle in your eyes. We all need each other. Thank you. Om Shanti.       

<3 taji