Why buy an original piece of art?

Why buy an original piece of art when you can buy a print for cheaper or make it yourself? 

Can you actually recreate someone else's work?  You can't recreate someone else's creative process and the energy they invest in it, but ever day people will remake a version of an original they admire.  No one remake is ever the same as the original because the energy used to create the original is different.  Sometimes the remake can be better, but it is important not to forget where the copy originated, where the inspiration for which the new piece came, for that is the foundation of the work.

Let's go back to the original question, Why buy an original piece of art?

The experience of a live concert is far greater than the experience of an album heard threw a stereo.  At a concert you can feel the music, the bass, the vocals.  It's all about the energy.  An album played on Spotify allows you the gift to re-experience your listening needs regularly since it is not practical to have a live band on standby whenever you desire.  The same concept applies to all art, especially paintings.  Original paintings are highly sought after and therefore costly because the way it can make one feel.  Like a live concert, an original painting can move one to tears.  The energy surrounding the piece can be astonishing.  However, most of us are not able to own every original painting we value.  Attempting to purchase the Mona Lisa is as practical as having a live band on standby.  So we settle for a version of the real thing, an album or a print.

The prints are an affordable way for one to experience the original, a portion of it's greatness.  The originals will always be more desired because of the energy invested in them, but what a great opportunity to allow everyone the ability to satisfy their visual cravings.

Support local artists.  If you like their art then show them by supporting their creative process and by encouraging future projects. 

-Hollie Villa

Each time brand new / very familiar

The walls feel like they’re crushing inward. With tight fists I pace, again, bite my fingernails till they tear and I taste blood. The urge to smash and destroy is strong. The state of the world and humanity -- how to live with the knowledge of...with endless empathy...sometimes it gets me so bad that I stop painting for a while.

Finally I find myself, with Bach, then Radiohead, playing on the speakers and a blank canvas on the floor before me. The sweet spot. Pressure breaks. I strike with paint and brush, and the promise of a new life is born. In this place I find salvation; wherever this place may be. There, dignity and compassion, and the beauties of life are visible again. Art saves lives. I give thanks. 

With a lot of help and much needed kicks in the ass from my friend Marisa Dobson, I will be making more of the process visible with some overdo forays into social media and blog stuffs. My new website is up. Thanks for stopping by! Special thanks to Mike Benjamin for helping with design and being a great and encouraging friend. 

Love and Light to all of you, facing the challenges and keeping that sparkle in your eyes. We all need each other. Thank you. Om Shanti.       

<3 taji